Letter from Yvonne Carter

I have read (and re-read several times now) the four Follies books and I felt I had to contact you to say how very much I enjoyed them. I have learnt a lot about the history of  World War ll and you have made the four main people 'come to life' in a way I have not experienced from other writers. In fact, one feels you know Merry, Felix, Rose and Richard better than some of your own friends! Also, it  made me understand how the relationship between Merry and Felix can be such good love . Until I found 'Now is the Hour' I had not read any of your books but am now starting on the First World War books. One question, in the first two books Merry's cottage is in Seaford but in the third book it is at Shoreham, Where is it? I shall look forward to reading many more of your books, keep them coming! Yvonne.