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Hello everyone,

Doesn’t the summer go by quickly? I can hardly believe autumn is just around the corner.

Things are looking up a bit on the sales side for THE LAST HERO, though they are still slow. I’ve been doing a lot of publicity on various social websites, including facebook and bookblogs. There is an interview with me on Catalina Egan’s site and another on Prue Batten’s and also a very good one with Richard Lee, the chairman of the Historical Novel Society, on their site. If anyone wants to have a look the links are here: ; ; ;

I’m still hoping for a few more reviews on Amazon, so if you have read the book please review it.

My new website is now up an running and I think looks very smart. The address is the same – – so do pop in and have a look.

The printed version is causing me a few headaches. The first batch, as you know, came out with print that was far too small and I also discovered that the designer had misspelled my name on the spine, so I am having to get a new print run done. It should be available in just over a week, but I am away from Sept.9th, so if you are planning to order a copy it might be best to wait until after I get home on the 17th.The original version is still available at £5.50, if you don’t mind using a magnifying glass to read it!

I have just come back from giving a talk to the Liverpool Jewish Luncheon Club, who were all very receptive and seemed to enjoy it. I like talking about my work and the talks always seem to go down well. My next date is as part of the Wirral Bookfest on Oct 7th and I am hoping to get some more invitations, particularly to talk about the Leonora books with the centenary of the outbreak of WWl coming up.

Now I really must get back to doing some new writing. I’m working on a book about Queen Mathilda (or Maud as she is sometimes called). She was Henry 1st’s daughter and married to the German Emperor at the age of 12; but when Henry’s son was drowned she disputed the succession with her cousin Stephen. She’s a complex character and her life was full of twists and turns, so it should make a good novel.

I hope you are all having a good summer and look forward to hearing from anyone about the books, the website or any other matter.

Best wishes


2 thoughts on “Newsletter August 28th

  1. Hilary Green Post author

    Hi Kris,
    Thanks for getting in touch. HERO has now been reprinted and is available in a very handsome edition with easily readable print. Price £8.99 plus £1.40 p&p, if you are interested.
    We’ll Meet Again seems to have appealed mainly to older readers who have heard about the war from parents etc but I agree it should be suitable for teenage girls. The same is true of my new book, OPERATION KINGFISHER, which has two teenagers as its central characters.

  2. Kris

    Hello Hilary, I just left you a short message on the general message page, and then I read your 2 last newsletters. Sorry to hear about the poor reception ‘the Last Hero’ had and what a blow/insult that your name was misspelled.
    The small print wouldn’t worry me I’m a big fan of Georgette Heyer and John Buchan, both who wrote complex stories and whose books are printed in small print. You get used to it after a while as you are carried along by the adventures and the wonderful writing. Devoted readers will be loyal regardless of the print size. I do still love to hold a real book in my hands and turn real paper pages!
    I hope you keep writing regardless of such mishaps.
    Can I ask you what age group do/did you see “We’ll Meet Again” aimed at. I thought it would me very suitable for girls in their late teens.

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