Announcing the publication of my latest novel, which will be available from Sept 30th. OPERATION KINGFISHER is the story of two teenagers trying to escape from occupied France during World War ll. After a series of mishaps they stow away on a canal barge and find that they have providentially fallen into the hands of an escape line set up to help Allied POWs and downed airmen get out of the country. As they are passed from one contact to another, they encounter a mysterious stranger who eventually reveals himself as a British agent. He puts them in touch with the local maquis  freedom fighters who are based in the Morvan Hills in central France, close to where they are on the Canal du Nivernais. When they see French warships being transported along the canals they make up their minds that the maquis must be informed and, instead of escaping, find themselves recruited into their ranks.

This is an exciting adventure story but also a touching tale of two young people coming of age in very difficult circumstances and discovering important truths about themselves. Based on real events and the result of extensive research it gives an authentic flavour of life with the Resistance. In the course of writing the book I visited that part of France, travelled along the canals and explored the still unspoiled and remote hills of the Morvan.

The book will only be published in hardback at £19.99 but should be available on request at any library.