Monthly Archives: December 2021

New Year, New Adventure

Hello everyone!

I’ve been remiss over these last months about keeping in touch, but the fact is I haven’t had anything to tell you. Penguin decided to stop publishing my kind of fiction, which left me homeless and with the lockdown and everything else that was going on there wasn’t much incentive to produce new work. I am happy to say, however, that things are looking up on the writing front. I am now working with a company called Joffe Books, and independent publisher specialising in on-line sales. They will publish my latest novel early in the New Year. It is called OPERATION BOLT LIGHTNING and it’s a thriller set in World War ll, which I know will please many of you. I’m not going to give away the plot but I will tell you it brings me back to my earlier happy hunting ground of SOE.

Joffe are also re-issuing three books I had published by Robert Hale. OPERATION KINGFISHER cameĀ  out as an e-book last Sunday and TWICE ROYAL LADY and APHRODITE’S ISLAND will follow in the New Year. I know many of you prefer a ‘real’ book but there will be a paperback edition available from Amazon soon after the digital version is published. Since the books were previously only available as hardbacks I think this makes them much more accessible. The link for anyone wanting to get the e-book of Kingfisher isĀ

I have more news. My first venture into non-fiction will be out in April. INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN THE MIDDLE AGES will be published by Amberley Books. It may sound a rather dry subject but I promise you it’s not. I got into it through the research for my novel IRONHAND in which the hero becomes a successful merchant trading around the Mediterranean at a time when the competition for exotic spices from the east and silk from China was opening up new horizons and bringing Europeans into contact with Arabic civilizations that were far ahead of us is medicine and mathematics and astronomy and many other subjects. It was this contact with the knowledge of the ancient Greeks, passed on by the Arab and Persian scholars, that sparked the Renaissance. It was an era of discovery and of swashbuckling adventurers and I found it really exciting. I hope you will too.

Please can I ask you for one big favour? If you read any of the books, post a review on Amazon. The number of reviews a book gets is in direct proportion to the amount of exposure it is given, so reviews really make a difference to sales.