Hello everyone.

 Well, it has been a very disappointing month for me. In spite of all my efforts, THE LAST HERO is not selling. It’s heart breaking after all the effort I have put into it, and the love and care that has gone into the writing. My heartfelt thanks go to those few loyal readers who have bought it. Can I now ask you to do me a further favour? Please will you go to Amazon and post a review of it? A few good reviews will undoubtedly boost sales. Just in case some of you are having difficulty finding the book, the link is .

 I am going ahead, however, with the printed version, which should be available within a week or two. The cost will be £7.99 plus £1.50 for p&p. .

My other big project this month has been a re-design of my website, which is ongoing. I can’t afford the exorbitant prices the professionals ask for this work, so I’m doing it myself, which means a steep learning curve. The old site will still be accessible until the new one is ready.

As a relief from all this, there is always the garden. Hasn’t it been lovely to have some proper summer weather? Officially, David is in charge of the vegetables and I’m i/c flowers but at this time of year it does mean a lot of time spent harvesting and preserving the crops. We have had a big crop of raspberries which have to be frozen or turned into ice cream or jam. (I do the jam, my other half is in charge of the ice cream.) Now there are blackcurrants – more ice cream, and summer puddings – mange tout peas which need to be picked every day, heaps of courgettes to be made into ratatouille, and French beans. I feel like Barbara Good from the Good Life! But it is nice to be able to go into the garden a pull a lettuce for lunch, and get tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse.

The family (Number 1 son plus wife, daughter and son) are away on holiday, so I don’t have to cook Sunday lunch as I usually do. Instead, I have to feed the rabbits. Well, at least their food doesn’t require cooking!

So, there it is, for another month. I hope to write more cheerfully next time.

Kind regards