Letter from Jen Llywelen

I've only recently come across your books. I have read two of the ENSA ones, and the Leonora trilogy. 

I wrote my PhD on a Welshman and the First World War; obviously I needed to read a lot about the war as research. I'm now trying to write my first novel, about my grandparents and the way the 1914-18 war impacted on them all, their children, and their grandchildren. Lots of love, lots of conflict.

I'm impressed with the accuracy of your wars, but also with the back-stories, the way characters relate to horses, that sort of thing. There is a density of information, but it's great throughout. The ENSA stories conveyed very well the dangerous nature of their work, and their devotion to it. 

You also write so movingly of love, in its many forms. 

So thank you! I read several of these in Lanzarote, having a week away after my mother's funeral. I bought one of the ENSAs at the tiny shop on the complex, and then others on my Kindle. They helped me through a very difficult time. Leonora's just found Lexi - and Sasha! - and all's well at last. But I miss them! And dear Tom.

I wish you well with future novels, and I'll read some more of yours. You've inspired me. Thanks.